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Inpatient and outpatient questionnaire based Prospective Cohort. Patient will be seen during an admission to cardiology floor, medicine floor, ICU or in follow up clinics, they will be provided with questionnaire developed by study investigators. The questionnaire will be distributed and filled by the patient at SEMC. Patients will be followed over 1 year period to look at rate of re-hospitalization by reviewing patients medical records. Primary outcome will be 30 day re-hospitalization. Secondary outcomes will be any re-hospitalization during 12 months post-questionnaire.


Contact Information
Margaret Michaelian
Research Coordinator
Tel: 617-789-3041



Clinical Trial Department
Purpose of Trial
To assess the basic knowledge, behavioral patterns, and opinions regarding CHF in patients admitted to a tertiary care center for CHF exacerbation and heart failure patients presenting for routine follow up in clinic. This study will also determine the relationship of patient perception to their readmission rate. Our investigators hypothesize that re-hospitalization rates will be lower in patients with better knowledge/beliefs, understanding, and positive attitudes/perception regarding their disease.
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